However, because we have no secrets ..

  • Our burgers are medium-well cooked to order, so that they are juicy and full of flavour.
  • Our burger buns are homemade and baked every morning.
  • Our fries are fresh and are fried in corn oil
  • The oil the we use in our vinaigrette and sauces is extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

All our Burgers come with fries

Quinoa,cherry tomatoes,herbs mix,avocado,onion and tomato mix & Mint vinaigrette
6,00 €
Tampa Salad
Mixed salad,orange slices, cherry tomatoes, dry cheese, black sesame seeds, crouton & orange vinaigrette
7,30 €
Mexicana Salad
Mixed salad, tomato,onion,cheddar, tortilla chips, fried chicken & Honey mustard
9,00 €
Lettuce , croutons , aged parmesan , homemade Caesar dressing
6,30 €
Fiji Apple Salad
Mixed salad , red lettuce , blue cheese, green apple , walnuts & balsamic vinaigrette with honey
6,40 €
Cabbage , carrot , mayonnaise , radicio, honey & green apple
3,80 €