Not a Burger - Entrees

Served with mixed green salad or vegetables and rice or Coleslaw or French Fries

Grilled Salmon (Superfood)
Comes with Quinoa,pico de gallo & Honey Mustard
16,90 €
Broiled Chicken
2 Chicken Breast. Come with Coleslaw salad
8,50 €
Naked Beef
2 Black Angus Beef burgers(180gr) Come with French Fries
11,90 €
Naked Turkey
2 Turkey Burgers (180gr) Come with mixed green salad.
9,70 €
Rib Eye Steak
Black Angus Steak (300gr) With carrot puree.Comes with french fries.
22,00 €
Sirloin Steak
Sliced Sirloin Steak (300gr) With carrot Puree.Comes with mixed green salad.
21,50 €