1.Do you use fresh 100% Black Angus Beef meat?

angus-beef-logo-smallOur burgers are freshly made every day in our store and are being put on the grill as soon as your order has come through. Each burger is made of fresh 100% Black Angus Beef meat.

2. What is Black Angus Beef?

Black Angus Beef is the dominant and most high quality breed in the world. It produces meat of the highest quality that is rich in creatine, iron, vitamin B, phosphorus ,free of hormones and steroids and also completely safe for children, making it one of the best types of meat in the world.

3. What is so special about buffalo burger?


Our buffalo burger is made from greek buffalos bred in Kerkini farms. Buffalo meat is one of the healthiest meats in the world that is low in cholesterol, fat and also low in calories but high in Iron,Phosphorus and Vitamin A.

4. Are your fries fresh?And why are they all the same size?

Our potatoes are all fresh. They are firstly washed then go through a cutting machine then washed again and lastly put in the frier whilst your burger is being prepared.

5.What oil do you use and where does it end up after being used?

recycleThe oil used in our sauces recipes and our salads is extra vrigin greek olive oil from Crete. The oli used for frying is corn oil which, after being used, gets recycled by a specialised oil recycling company.

6. Are your salads and vegetables fresh?

All our vegetables are fresh and hand picked, delivered to us everyday and then carefully washed so that you can enjoy the best quality in salads, Burgers and sauces of your choice.

7. Are your sauces ready made?

All our sauces are made in our store as we never use anything that is ready made. They are based on our own recipes and include the highest quality ingredients.

8. Is the bread and the pizza dough made by you?

The buns that we use for our burgers are baked daily, by a collaborating bakery, following our original recipes. In order to produce a very tasty and high quality product, we don’t use any preservatives or molds, a fact that attributes to the different shapes and sizes. The pizza dough is also made daily and is also given enough time in order rise properly on its own. We kindly ask for your pardon if during one of your visits it runs out.Any leftover dough is combined with other leftover ingredients to create a tasty treat for our little four legged friends.

9. Who is the supplier of your desserts and icecream?Is it possible to order a full cake/dessert?

All desserts and icecream are always fresh, prepared daily by our Pastry chef using our own recipes. If you would like to order a whole cake/dessert for you or your friends, you would have to contact us a day in advance in order for your cake to be ready for you in store or even get delivered to your home.

10.Is your packaging recyclable?

All our packaging is recyclable.We care for our environment!

11.Is your store a US franchise?

Our Burger Joint has no affiliation with any other stores worldwide. The name Burger Joint does indeed exist in different countries, reason being that “burger joint” is the english term for “the place where you buy burgers”, so it is expected to encounter the same name elsewhere around the world.

12. Do you have any products for vegetarians and/or health conscious individuals?

We do offer veggie burgers and pizzas in our menus, that are equally as tasty as their non vegetarian counterparts. For the health conscious we offer a choice of Not a burgers/entrees as an alternative that doesn’t include any sauces and can also be accompanied by some lighter than french fries.


13. Can we pre book a table in your restaurant?

In BJ we don’t follow a table reservation policy...the quickest and most hungry gets priority!


14. Is there a reason why you don’t accept card payments?/p>

Because the transactions are normally quite small we prefer to help you, and ourselves of course, to avoid the extra bank charges.

15. Isn’t 15 minutes too long a wait for a burger?

Every dish needs its time. We might very well be a burger joint but we run our store with the same rules as a restaurant where everything is cooked to order. Taking that into account we do believe that a perfect burger is worth an extra 5 minute wait.

16. Your average burger price is about 8.5€. Isn’t this a bit on the expensive side?

We might at first glance appear expensive when you compare us to your average Greek burger shop, but we are certain that when you take into account the quality the produce used in our burgers you will surely change your mind. Each one of our burgers is consisted of 180gr pure Black Angus Beef, whose quality makes it 2.5 to 3 times more expensive to purchase than greek beef meat. That’s 180gr Black Angus Beef….no added breadcrumbs, herbs, any other type of meat (pork/beef) or other ingredients that might be being used by different Greek burger joints. Let’s not forget that our burger price include the fries too. So when we take all this into account we might even seem cheap to most of our customers.
Quality is the A to Z for us here in BJ!